Webinar BrIM Applications on the Signature Wekiva Parkway Bridge

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FINLEY Engineering Group and SOFiSTiK AG are glad to invite you to our online webinar.

As a bridge design and construction engineering firm, FINLEY has been awarded for both design-build and construction engineering for over 60 bridge engineering projects around the globe.

The FINLEY - SOFiSTiK webinar puts the spotlight on the signature bridges of the Wekiva Parkway (Section 6) near Orlando, Florida. The three (3) signature bridges are parallel cast?in?place balanced cantilever three (3) span bridges using a moveable form traveler system. FINLEY Engineering Group, based in Tallahassee, FL, are the Design and Construction Engineers for this Design?Build bridge project. Jerry Pfuntner, P.E., S.E. and Ivan Liu, P.E. will outline the project technical requirements and details, the use of Bridge Integration Modeling, and lessons learned from the completion of the design and ongoing construction process. During the webinar you will experience how the partnership between the Engineering specialists and SOFiSTiK has accelerated FINLEY’s processes.

Date: Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (ET)

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Your Speakers: Jerry Pfuntner, P.E., S.E,, FINLEY Engineering Group Ivan Liu, P.E., FINLEY Engineering Group Andrés von Breymann, SOFiSTiK AG

Webinar Outline:

1. FINLEY Introduction
2. Goals of Webinar
3. Introduction of Wekiva Project
4. Design Intent and Process
5. Construction Sequencing and Details (i.e. form traveler)
6. SOFiSTiK use on Wekiva Design and Construction Process
7. SOFiSTiK-BrIM application during design, construction, and drawing production 8. Technical Bridge Innovations (e.g. Flexible Filler)
9. Questions and Answers

Even if you can`t join live, register now and we`ll send you a link to our webinar recording to watch at your convenience. Do you have further questions ? Please do not hesitate to <link>contact us.