Webinar SOFiSTiK + mindCreations






22.09.2020 , 10:00 - 11:00

The topics include: 

  • SOFiSTiK analytical model and consistency check
  • Tendon definition in a sub-model
  • Bonded and unbonded tendons
  • Static analysis including staging and time dependent effects
  • Loading SOFiSTiK analytical model into PTBot as tendon data
  • Transforming the tendons into a shop drawing
  • Alignment and dimensioning
  • Geometry and clash checks
  • Material take-off


Date: Tuesday, 22th of September - English
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm AEST (Melbourne Sydney Time), 09:00 - 10:00 Uhr CEST

In this webinar SOFiSTiK and mindCreations explain in depth how tendons are defined for both detailing and analysis, using Revit as a 3D modelling platform. 

We show you some of SOFiSTiK’s rich toolset that allows you to check the consistency of the analytical model directly in Revit with a look into the state-of-the-art static analysis using construction stages, including creep and shrinkage, as well as load combinations for SLS and ULS. 

Then from the collaboration between SOFiSTiK and mindCreations, we show you the resulting ease with which we take the analytical model developed from SOFiSTiK`s tools and import it into mindCreation’s PTBot addon for the creation of high-quality shop drawings with material take-off. 

We will explore some of the powerful features in PTBot that allow you to make quick adjustments to the tendons in the model for the final output. Reducing time consuming tasks like resolving text clashes, dimensioning and alignment, that normally take hours or even days to literally minutes. Not only removing the element of human error but providing a programmatic automation that will achieve higher quality control and cost savings. 

We show you how all this is achieved from within Revit with the help of these tools from SOFiSTiK and mindCreations. 

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