2005: V02- M.Müller (Pondio)

Vortrag Dipl.-Ing. Michael Müller (Pondio Ingenieros)The Cieza ViaduktAbstract:In the last few years the amount of arch bridges built in Spain has increased considerably. Even though these type of bridges are expensive structures and their construction is very time consuming, due to the ancillary equipment needed, it is obvious that their beauty and adaptation into the landscape makes them a very interesting type of structure. A new innovative construction process was developed by using precast elements for both arch and deck. This allowed to build a classic arch bridge with a reduced budget, in nearly half the time it would have taken using traditional methods. However this process complicates the calculations that are needed for the structure because of the high complexity and amount of the different construction stages.Sie finden diesen Vortrag auf unserem ftp-server im geschützten Downloadbereich (Login/Password erforderlich)

Type SOFiSTiK Seminar Beiträge
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Date 22.04.2005
Keywords Seminar 2005, The Cieza Viadukt, Bogenbrücke, Fertigteil, Bauabschnitte