2014: V01 - Prof. Svensson

State-of-the-Art of Cable-Stayed Bridges Worldwide
Prof. Holger SvenssonSummary:
Cable-stayed bridges are currently in a fast development, worldwide. While in 1986 about 150 major cable-stayed bridges were known, their number has increased to more than 1000 today. Their spans have also increased by leaps. From 1975, when the span record was 404 m, it jumped to 856 m in 1995 and today has reached 1104 m. A span limit is not yet in sight, and there are already
designs for cable-stayed bridges with main spans up to 1800 m. As the economic range for suspension bridges is limited for very long spans, cable-stayed bridges are a focus of interest for bridge engineers worldwide.Sie finden diesen Vortrag auf unserem ftp-server im geschützten Downloadbereich (Login/Password erforderlich)

Type SOFiSTiK Seminar Beiträge
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Date 11.06.2014
Keywords Seminar 2014, 2014, Schrägkabel, Brücken, Cable stay bridges