BE45: One-Dimensional Soil Consolidation

In the following example a one-dimensional consolidation problem has been analyzed. The soil layer is subjected to an uniform loading of the intensity p0 acting on the surface. Base of the soil is rigidly fixed while the sides are laterally constrained. Only the soil surface is allowed to drain. Geometry, load and boundary conditions are depicted in figure. The soil material is elastic, isotropic and saturated with water. The surface settlements and pore excess pressures for the two extreme cases (time zero and time infinity) of the consolidation process are compared to the analytical solution.This is one example of our Verification Manual. You can find the whole manual in SSD and TEDDY via menue Help > Verification Manual, the input data files in TEDDY via menue Help> examples... > verification.

Type Benchmark Beispiel
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Applications Allgemein
Date 27.06.2014
Keywords Benchmark example, quality assurance